Bicycle grips can significantly improve riding safety and comfort, but they can also express yourself!

We offer a wide range of colors of our grips, we can create any hue of the chosen colour!
And did we mention that it is not only the case when it comes to our grips?!, these limitless colour possibilities concern all of the rest of our products!
When creating your offer enquiry through our website you can choose between the standard colours that we offer or show us any other non standard colour that you are going for!
The only difference is: prices for standard colours will be given right away and for non standard we have to compose the just-right-pigment for you which also shouldnt take long. The good news is the price will only depend on the composants of the pigment and its complexity but we will not include the time of pigmrntation creation and materials parameters adjusting into the price! So surprisingly the non standard colour does ot have to cost more than a standard one when you are collaborating with us!

With our help you can create the bicycle with all-matching high quality accessories and if you`re a bicycle freak
like we are then you know best that these are the factors that give the final WOW effect!