The Quality Management System Policy covers  Zakres Systemu Zarządzania Jakością obejmuje designing, production and selling of goods made of plastic, steel and other materials.

The owner of BRAT, together with top management, in order to provide high quality of products and exceptional customer satisfaction rely on requirements of ISO 9001:2015 norms, customers expectations and own expertise and many years of experience.

The owner of PW BRAT company Piotr Barlik, together with top management:
  • Takes responsibility for the effectiveness of Quality Management System,
  • Ensures the integrity of Quality Management System’s requirements and business processes of the company,
  • Commits to design injection molds, dies, and other tooling, as well as products made of plastic, steel and other materials in accordance with the needs of customers as well as the requirements of standards and regulations,
  • Monitors process indicators to achieve the intended results,
  • Guarantees that services provided and manufactured products are compliant with the requirements and expectations of customers, rules and regulations  also in the area of safety,
  • Commits to comply with requirements of safe usage and elimination of chemical substances in produced goods (in relation to requirements of The European Union, REACH, RoHS),
  • Commits to cooperate with qualified suppliers in regards to constant increase the the quality of the products supplied,
  • Commits to communicate, promote, sustain, develop and constantly increase the usefulness, adequacy and the effectiveness on the Quality Management System based on risk analysis and to engage all employees into this commitment ,
  • Seeks to constatnly increase the quality of his products and services provided.
The owner of BRAT company together with top management takes full responsibility of complying with the principles contained in the Quality Management System Policy for the implementation of the strategic direction of the organization, established strategic goals and operational with the involvement of all employees in the company and a fully conscious commitment to provide resources.