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DRAGON ergonomic bicycle grip is an extremely functional product that will provide comfort and convenience while riding. One-component construction and a distinct stylish texture imitating crocodile skin, give the grip a unique look.

The main plus of the ergonomic grip is the soft and resilient support for the wrist, which prevents unpleasant pain and chafing during prolonged riding. In addition, the designer finish of the grip makes the bike look even more stylish and original.

Thanks to the ergonomic grip, cycling becomes much more pleasant and less tiring for hands and wrists. This is a product that will certainly be appreciated by people for whom health and comfort of riding is as important as aesthetics and style.

MaterialDimensionsWeightPackage volume


H1 = 130 mm

H2 = 100 mm

130 mm: 7,7 kg

100 mm: 7,2 kg

130 mm: 80 pcs

100 mm: 80 pcs

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