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MIMI children's grip is a product that was created with little cyclists in mind, providing them with not only safety, but also comfort while riding. Designed by us, the fine pattern on the grip tells a cheerful story and adds a childlike atmosphere to the bike.

One of the most important advantages of the children's grip is its contoured collar, which protects the child's hands in case of a fall. In addition, the texture of the grip will give your child a firm grip, allowing for greater control over the bike. The grips are available in a variety of colors, so each child can choose the color that suits him best.

The end of the grip is specially designed so that the child can safely lean his bicycle against a car or tree, which increases comfort during stops and rest stops. What's more, the soft and resilient material of the grip end also serves a protective function, providing extra protection in the event of a fall.

All in all, the children's grip is a product that will ensure your child not only safety, but also comfort while riding. The contoured collar protects your child's hands, and the fine pattern provides a firm grip. The availability of grips in different colors will allow each child to choose something for himself, and the special end of the grip will provide additional protection during stops and falls.

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H1 = 100 mm

100 mm: 6,4 kg

100 mm: 120 pcs

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