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Ergonomic bicycle grip is a product that will provide you not only comfort, but also safety while riding. The single-component grip is minimalist, but the stylish fine texture adds elegance and originality.

One of the main advantages of the ergonomic grip is the transverse arrangement of the texture, which effectively prevents your wrist from slipping. As a result, your grip will be stable and secure, allowing for greater control over the bike. The soft, resilient texture of the grip's plastic takes care of the comfort of your ride and the health of your hands. An ergonomic grip also ensures even pressure distribution, which reduces the risk of pain and chafing.

An ergonomic grip is also ideal for owners of a designer bike who appreciate aesthetics and style. The minimalist design and fine texture will fit perfectly into the elegant design of the bike, creating a cohesive whole.

In conclusion, the ergonomic bicycle grip is a product that will not only provide you with comfort, but also safety while riding. Thanks to its transverse texture, soft and resilient plastic structure and minimalist design, this grip will be an excellent choice for any bicycle enthusiast who appreciates both comfort and aesthetics.

MaterialDimensionsWeightPackage volume

H1 = 118 mm
H2 = 100 mm

118 mm : 7,9 kg
100 mm : 8,8 kg
118 mm: 100 pcs
100 mm: 125 pcs
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